Bye Bye Windows

Posted by: Jonathan Horvath in Editoral Comments 11 years, 11 months ago

Windows is no longer my platform of choice.  Since the days of Windows 3.1 back in the early 90's,  I have been a loyal Windows user.  As of this week, I'm using Ubuntu as the primary OS for my home computer.  Vista is still installed on a second hard drive.  Very soon this will be overwritten by Ubuntu, and Windows will be history.  So why is Windows no longer my OS of choice?  Below are my top reasons for giving the Microsoft OS the boot in favour of Linux.

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Google's Chrome OS, The Next New New Thing?

Posted by: Jonathan Horvath in Editoral Comments 12 years ago

Earlier this week there was an announcement for Chrome OS posted on the Google blog.    It was good to hear that there will be fresh new OS in the mix.   The blog indicates that the web browser would be the central software platform for Chrome.  The increasingly popular netbooks will be the targeted hardware platform.  It is not clear how native applications will be developed.  Obviously, standard web-based html/javascript apps will run with no problems.  The blog indicates the new application can be written using "your favorite web technologies."  I would assume that Java would be on the short list of languages that would be used to create native applications.

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