Bye Bye Windows

Posted by: Jonathan Horvath 11 years, 6 months ago

Windows is no longer my platform of choice.  Since the days of Windows 3.1 back in the early 90's,  I have been a loyal Windows user.  As of this week, I'm using Ubuntu as the primary OS for my home computer.  Vista is still installed on a second hard drive.  Very soon this will be overwritten by Ubuntu, and Windows will be history.  So why is Windows no longer my OS of choice?  Below are my top reasons for giving the Microsoft OS the boot in favour of Linux.


Being a long time Microsoft user, I dutifully upgraded to Vista when it was released.  Moving to Vista seemed to be more of a downgrade then an upgrade.  The new UI did not impress me much.  It seem more of the same with minor improvements.  I have two desktop computers at my house.  The second is used as a server to store music, videos and backups.  For the server, remote desktop was no longer included in Vista.  This made remote management from my primary desktop difficult.  I had to hack Vista for remote desktop to work correctly. There is absolutely no reason for this extra work for a expected feature in Windows.  The hard drive would continually churn on my computer.  It was amazing the how much the light would flicker when the computer was sitting idle.  I  figured that the constant thrashing of the drive would shorten its life span.


I was able to simultaneously use both Vista and Ubuntu at the same time with VMWare server software.  No longer did I have to dual boot to play with a Linux distro.  This allowed me to become more comfortable with Linux over time.  I soon realized that the only reason I had Vista was to start the Linux VM.


My last computer purchase a couple of years back included the 32-bit version of Vista.  This computer had a dual-core AMD 64-bit processor with 3GB of memory.  There should have been no reason not have the 64-bit version of Vista pre-loaded.  Being the first consumer desktop computer that I purchased new in many years, I decided to stick with the installed OS.   I am now ready to increase the number of bits in my operating system.  I decided that obtaining the 64-bit version of Vista was not worth the effort.   It was easy to download the 64-bit Ubuntu distro and install it on a second hard drive.  It was amazing that all of hardware devices worked without any issues with the 64-bit version of Ubuntu.


Windows was kept so I could play my favorite games that I have collected over the years, however they did not work well with Vista.  They would not load or would randomly crash.  Most of these games are many years old, and I don't spend much time playing them much anymore.  Having a Xbox 360 and Wii further reduces the need to play games on my computer.